Our Story

Welcome to the Sockaloni website.
My name is Paul Hewson. I am the creator of Sockaloni.

Sockaloni is a device to help anyone who has trouble putting on their socks. Sockaloni was developed out of necessity to help me put my own socks on. I have osteoarthritis in my left hip which makes putting my socks on an almost impossible task.

One morning as my wife watched me struggle to put my socks on, she challenged me to think up a better way to solve this problem. Being a carpenter by trade, I was always coming up with innovative solutions to repair things and figuring out how to make things work. I am always up for a challenge and decided to put some thought into solving this problem. After much trial and error and many prototypes, I finally found a solution that worked for me. After talking about this with friends and family, we were constantly surprised to find out how many other people struggled with the same problem. And not only elderly people, but people with arthritis, back problems, accident victims, hip surgery patients and many others, young and old. That's when I decided to bring this product to market. That is how Sockaloni was born. We have been very pleased at the positive response to Sockaloni and look forward to showing people our solution. We have received many compliments from customers who now have one less struggle in the morning thanks to Sockaloni!

Paul Hewson